The Fall of the House of Usher

Today our Literature teacher, Pato Chujman, told us to read an article on her blog about the story we were reading in class, The fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe, and to take notes of it. Here is the article and down here my notes of it.


Subjective perceptions, no difference between reality and fantasy, split consciousness, a man of common sense, educated and analytic, speaks in a tone were he seems not to understand Usher, he feels an unnatural presence but he tries to remain thinking about normal causes, this overcomes him at the end.

Roderick Usher:

Educated man who got deteriorated like the House, changed his appearance because of his insanity, incoherent, inconsistent, unstable, insane, excessive nervous agitation, “…The features of a mental disorder…”, unbalanced man trying to maintain an equilibrium in his life.

Madeline Usher:

Twin sister of Roderick, doesn’t speak a word throughout the story, appears a very short time, never appears in the same room as the narrator, fell into catatonic state at narrators’s arrival, she was like a ghost, seems to be completely overcome by mental disorder.

Character summary:

the three characters are unique and very distinct people, although Madeline and Roderick are twins and they are both crazy they are completely different, all of them suffer from insanity but respond differently. Madeline accepts it. Roderick knows he is ill, but struggles to hold his insanity. The narrator slowly contracts the desease, but wants to deny what he is. He escapes from his illness by escaping from the house.

Educación Tecnologica

Hoy en la clase de educación tecnológica el profesor, Norberto Bufi, nos entrego los trabajos de la clase pasada, que pueden ver en la entrada anterior, y nos estuvo hablando de los distintos tipos de energía, la solar, la hidráulica, la térmica y eólica. Fue una clase interesante y también nos explico que era lo que pasaba exactamente cuando encendemos un foco de luz. Ademas nos explico de donde se genera la energía, en conexión con los distintos tipos de energía.

Characteristics of Kingdom Animals (Phyllum Vertebrates)

Today on the Biology class our teacher, Cecilia Adem, asked us to follow her instructions on the whiteboard and post the information on our Blogs. We used the information of pages 9 and 10 from our Biology books. Down here is the chart we made in class by the information of the books.

Biology Chart

Class Skin Gills or Lungs Limbs Eggs Ears

(Cold blooded)

Scaly Skin Have Gills Have Fins Eggs laid in water Absent but lateral line senses vibration

(Cold blooded)

Scale-Less Skin The larva has gills, the adult has lungs Have legs Eggs laid in water, larva lives in water Visible Ear, present inside the head

(Cold blooded)

Scaly Skin Have Lungs Most reptiles have limbs, others don’t Lay eggs on land with rubbery shells, then they get harder, waterproof Don’t have very visible ears, very small

(Warm blooded)

Body covered with feathers Have Lungs Wings (forelimbs), 1 pair of legs Lay eggs with hard shells Have eardrums

(Warm blooded)

Body has hair Lungs 2 pairs No eggs Present, Ear pinnae present


Educación Tecnologica

El profesor de Educación Tecnologica, Norberto Bufi, nos pidió que hagamos una entrada contando lo que hicimos esta ultima clase.

En esta ultima clase aprendimos el concepto de tecnología y desde cuando se utiliza. La tecnología es todo lo que al hombre le permitió hacer mas fácil lo que ya hacia. Le facilito al hombre muchos trabajos. Se usa desde la aparición del hombre ya que desde ese momento el ser humano creaba herramientas para facilitar el trabajo. Me pareció bastante interesante.

También nos dio la consigna de escribir o dibujar en una hoja, en grupos, que creíamos que pasaba cuando encendíamos una luz. Yo trabaje con Nico Grosso, acá esta su blog. Fue una clase interesante y entretenida.