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In the last history classes we were working on the nature of WWI. We were separated in groups and we had to look for information about Propaganda, The Home Front, New Weapons and Trench Warfare, I had to look for Trench Warfare. I worked with Facu Segura, Fede San Lorenzo and Juansi Machado. After we finished looking for the information we had to make a poster showing the most important things about each topic. What I learnt from this was what kind of works did the men in the trenches do. I also learnt how did they live and what did they do, they did a lot of work and had very little time to rest, it was a hard life. The teacher gave us many links to look for this information and tools to make the poster. I look almost all the information and images from this site. We used Piktochart. This tool was very interesting because you have a lot of choices to make, for example, different types of letters, different Poster designs and also a lot of other things which make this site very simple and good to work. I learnt a new site to work that was very good and I will probably use in another opportunity. I think all the group did a very good work overall. I think I did a very complete research and found a lot of information about this topic. I think I summarized the information in a good way and that I showed the most important points of the Trench Warfare. I think I deserve a 7 or an 8 because I made a big effort to collect all the information I could and I think I showed the information in the poster very well. Click below to see the poster.

History Poster

Here is a photo if you cannot enter the site.


2 thoughts on “The Nature of WWI – History Poster”

  1. Well done, Nico!

    Your info is relevant and well presented on the poster.

    Your post clearly explain the work you did from the start of this project.

    9 (Nine)

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