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Literature blog activity

Today in literature class we had to get in groups and work with an activity our teacher left in her blog. I worked with Lucas Vorbeck and Nicolas Grosso. Here is our work:

  1. You are a koala without food.
  2. My legs are killing me.
  3. The water it’s ice burning.
  4. Yellow symbolizes happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism. You can use it to transmite peace.
  5. A dark locked room in an abandoned house.
  6. I am being bothered by a bee.
  7. It feels like this room is staring at me.
  8. I am bored as a sloth in a race.

Biology lab safety rules

In the last biology class we went to the lab. There we saw the safety rules and we discussed some of them. Here are the rules we put so we can work with safety.

Lab Safety Rules

  • Don’t run inside.
  • Be tidy and avoid rubbish.
  • Avoid long sleeves.
  • Hair must be tied up.
  • Never drink or eat inside.
  • Let teachers know when materials get broken.
  • Wear goggles in the correct way.
  • Never smell subst. directly when heating subst. or liquids.
  • Keep test tubes with their opening away from heat.
  • Never refill the original container with the substance, just discard it.

Language homework war article

The language teacher asked us to find a newspaper article about any war. We had to find war vocabulary or words that we didn’t know. I found this article in BBC about the Syrian war.

Here is the link to it:

It talked about why is there a war in Syria, how did it start, what is the war about, and also showed many stats about the war, for example, how many people have died because of it.

These are the words that I didn’t know and some war vocabulary.

Dissent: the holding or expression of opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held.

Fostering: encourage the development of (something, especially something desirable). Encourage, promote, further, stimulate, advance, forward, cultivate.

Torn: ripped, split, slit, cut, lacerated, rent, separated, severed, cracked, destroyed, ruined, in disrepair.

Full-scale civil war: a civil war is when there is a war which involves only one country, there are two groups of people who want different things and because of that a war may break out. When it is full-scale it means all the country is involved.




History Work, “In Search of Paradise…”

In the last history classes we were working with the base group in an activity about “Our Immigrants” that the teacher left on her blog. Down here are the links to the activities done.

Here is the link to the ThingLink collage about the characteristics of immigrants, their origins, their difficulties and the conditions they were in, and the different reactions people in USA had towards them.


Here is the link to the Piktochart Infographic about the most important aspects of our immigrant stories.

Literature Activity

Today, in Literature, we were asked to work in pairs, I worked with Mati Campion, and to answer some questions from the teacher’s blog. Also, we had to include a drive in which we were working on Tuesday.

Here is the link to the drive.

Here are the answers:

We chose questions 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.

1) The prologue has 14 lines because it is a sonnet, and all the sonnets have 14 lines. Also, another characteristic of the sonnets, is that the last two lines give the message of the sonnet, and they are called couplets. This two lines also can explain what the sonnet is about. Also, the couplets ryme with each other.

2) Lines 2 and 4, “Scene” and “Unclean”. Lines 5 and 7, “Foes” and “Overthrows”. Lines 6 and 8, “Life” and “Strife”. Lines 10 and 12, “Rage” and “Stage”. Lines 13 and 14, “Attend” and “Mend”.

4) “Star-Cross’d lovers” and “Death-Marked love”.

5) “Mutiny”, “Death”, “Blood”, “Foes”, “Death”, “Strife” and“Rage”.

6) “Households”, “Parent’s” and “Children’s”.

History Base Groups Activity

History activity

With the Base Groups, I am with Santiago Guerrico, Felicitas De Simone and Federico San Lorenzo, we had to do some activities that the teacher, Lenny Ambrosini, left on her blog. Here are the activities and down here the activities done.

1) Wilson’s diary entry

Dear diary,

              I am very stressed of what has happened. I can’t believe that no one thinks like me. America voted not to join the league of nations.

       Although I may agree with some reasons I still think that we should be part of the league, despite the fact that I understand the preoccupations of my people, I stick to the idea that it will bring a lasting peace.

      In my opinion, we should have entered the league because we would have had the peace that we all dreamt of. First of all, I had the idea of forming the league of nations, I also created the 14 points. Besides, we all have the same objective, no more European wars.

         I strongly believe that USA has to think again the decision of not getting involved in the league. Hope this problem is solved.

                        Write you tomorrow,

  Woodrow Wilson.


2)  Collage

We did the collage in “ThingLink” where we included text and images. Click the link to see it.


3) “Diamond 9” diagram


4) Human Sculpture

The picture shows how the League of Nations was more worried about their public image and their necessities, than people’s problems. The person in the middle (Nicolas Larralde) represents a balance and how the League of Nations saw the situation. The person in the left (Santiago Guerrico) represents the League’s public image and necessities and the person in the right (Felicitas De Simone) the people’s necessities. This shows how their own necessities and their public image weighed more than the people.


5) Rap

The League of Nations was an organization, with a lot of frustrations,

They sometimes succeeded, but they did not always get what they wanted and needed,

They helped many sick, poor and homeless people, they wanted everyone to be peaceful,

Although they seemed to do the right thing, the justice was not always everything,

They cared more about their image,

than the people’s necessities.


6) Map Bulgaria

“Boy” Activities

In the last 2 weeks in language we had been working in some activities of the book “Boy” by Roald Dahl.

My group is Mora Malenchini, Juana Navarro and Santiago Yezze, and we were asked to work in the chapter “A drive in the motorcar”.

First we made a reflection and a rap:

Then we made a bend diagram comparing the school in that time and the school now:

After the diagram we made a paper in which we explained 5 words of vocabulary, with drawings and with the definitions and also examples:

Biology Activity

Our Biology teacher assigned us to make an activity that explained the menstrual cycle with our Base Groups. We could chose between a song, a rap or a mind map. At first we doubted between a rap or a song, but we chose the song. Also, when we made the rap we realized that it didn’t explain the menstrual cycle very well, so we made it a again. I was absent many classes, so I couldn’t work very much on this activity. Here is the rap:

Inside the ovary, a follicle with an egg is developed, uterus lining repairs like it doesnt care.


Follicle bursts, egg released, fertilisation can occur like a formation.

Uterus lining thickens, ready for embryo if the egg is fertilised, very organized.


Egg not fertilised? Thickness not needed. It breaks down, and it is lost through the vagina.