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Literary Devices

The Literature teacher, Pato Chujman, asked us to play Literary Devices games on her blog, to choose one of them and to look for a YouTube video about the Literary Devices.

Click here to see the Game.

Here is the video I chose:

I chose this video because it was more entertaining than others and that kept you paying attention to it. It gave good examples using movie scenes and that made it more interesting. The man on the video explained very good many Literary Devices and the video was very complete. The video was friendly and you can learn many Literary Devices by watching it.

Characteristics of living organisms

Today the Biology teacher, Cecilia Adem, gave us some exercises to learn and practice about the living organisms. you can see the exercises she gave us clicking here. She also asked us to work in pairs, I worked with Lucas Vorbeck.

Activity 1

  1. The living things can make their own food, eat, move and most important they can grow. Humans, animals and plants can die, while not living things cant. The living things can also breath and reproduce.

2. We can see two humans, two dogs and a tree.

3. The clothes, a house, a stick the dog is holding, the kettle and the glass a man is holding.

Activity 2

  1. The car needs oil to be used, if not it cannot produce energy to move. We need food to get energy and move. The car can move, humans, animals and plants can move too.

2. Because the car cannot grow, the car needs to be moved it cannot be moved by itself, the car cannot reproduce or breath.

Activity 3

a. Growth

b. All animals and plants

c.  Photosynthesis

d.  Irritability and Movement

2. Organism, Respiration, Movement, Nutrition, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Irritability.

Activity 5

  1. Duck, house-fly, bat, eagle, owl and mosquito.
  2. Bat and owl.
  3. Fish, whale, seal and duck.
  4. Those organisms that have feathers: Duck, eagle and owl.