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Literature Activity

Today, in Literature, we were asked to work in pairs, I worked with Mati Campion, and to answer some questions from the teacher’s blog. Also, we had to include a drive in which we were working on Tuesday.

Here is the link to the drive.

Here are the answers:

We chose questions 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.

1) The prologue has 14 lines because it is a sonnet, and all the sonnets have 14 lines. Also, another characteristic of the sonnets, is that the last two lines give the message of the sonnet, and they are called couplets. This two lines also can explain what the sonnet is about. Also, the couplets ryme with each other.

2) Lines 2 and 4, “Scene” and “Unclean”. Lines 5 and 7, “Foes” and “Overthrows”. Lines 6 and 8, “Life” and “Strife”. Lines 10 and 12, “Rage” and “Stage”. Lines 13 and 14, “Attend” and “Mend”.

4) “Star-Cross’d lovers” and “Death-Marked love”.

5) “Mutiny”, “Death”, “Blood”, “Foes”, “Death”, “Strife” and“Rage”.

6) “Households”, “Parent’s” and “Children’s”.